Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am 3 months old!

Now that I am 3 months old I can do many things:
- sleep 8-11 hours at night...in my own bed!
-try to roll over
-put my hands in my mouth
-smile at people
-laugh out loud
-hold links with my hands

Today, it got a little late and I was too tired to take pictures! I wanted to go to bed! Mommy took some anyway.

Starting to fuss...mommy always trying to make it better.

Here I am trying to roll over! This is hard!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The wedding

The trip to Santa Fe was for Hilary's wedding - one of mommy's friends. She looked so pretty!

Hilary tired of pictures... pretty bride!

Hilary and Sean, what a pretty couple!

Mommy was a bridesmaid, I was watching with daddy.

Mommy and Hilary...big smiles!

I wore a pretty dress that Veronica gave me. By the way, since mommy was busy with the girls, daddy got me all dressed up, bow and all!

I met a new friend. This is Kendall, her mommy is Megan, mommy's friend. I added her picture to "My little friends" posting.

Megan, mommy and Hilary

Tired of partying...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My first trip!

How much fun! I got to be on an airplane for the first time. Mommy had a wedding in Santa Fe. I was so good...I slep most of the time and didn't cry! Mommy and daddy on the pther hand...what a mess! They took me to the airport so late we missed our flight and ended up going later. I told them it was okay, next time they'll do better.

Can I have my boarding pass, please?

Relaxing with daddy before take off.

Touring around with the folks.

With MY daddy!

Mommy, smile for the picture!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My first day of daycare!

Mommy and daddy found a great place for me to spend part of my day at while mommy works. I go on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when mommy works. For the summer it is only from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm so daddy takes me and picks me up. Then he takes care of me until mommy comes home. He does a great job! Here are pictures from today... my first day.

Mommy went a little later to work...she really wanted to drop me off.

With daddy getting ready to go!

When they left, I didn't cry...I wanted mommy to know I was happy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday...lazy Saturday!

I decided to stay home today. I was tired from last night! Here is what my day consisted of.

I played with mommy on her bed. She sings me a lot.

(She also talks a lot!)

I can now hold certain things, not sure what they are for, but I hold on tight!

Tired of playing...I take a long nap!

Wow, what time is it? Did I miss something?

Mooom! Can you stop? I'm trying to relax!

Out to dinner!

Last night mommy and daddy took me out with Ellie and her parents for a nice dinner. Of course, before we went mommy had to take pictures!

Here I am, ready for a night in the town!

Mommy and I all dressed up!

Mommy... you said we were going...I'm hungry!

I think it's going to be a while...since I can put my hands in my mouth now, I'm going to chew on that !

Finally there! Here we are with Ellie and her mommy Robyn.

Play date

This past week I was invited to my friend Joe's (one of my boyfriends...daddy doesn't know) house for a playdate. Sohaan and Amelia were also there! We had a good time, well the boys played more than the girls as they can crawl and actually know what toys are for. We watched them (and took naps)... can't wait to grow and be able to have that kind of fun!

I wanted to wear something cute and told my mommy to try a flower rather than a bow... What do you think?

This is Beth, she is Joe's mom. She made a yummy lunch for the mommies! She is really sweet!

Here is Joe showing off how many toys he can play with...all at once! He is such a big boy ;)

The boys playing rough...boy things!

At the end it was picture time but I was so tired I decided to go for a nap instead.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Look how much fun I have!

I figured I would update you and post a little bit of what we have done up to now. From now on I will do my best to blog and post more regularly.
Chris says this should be from Victoria's perspective... we'll try it out.

Here I am with my cousin Alex.
Don't we look adorable with our matching outfits?

Here we are with Lolly- double trouble!

Mother's Day was on my mommy's birthday this year...or should I say, mommy's birthday was on Mother's Day? Either way, it was too good to be true! Here we are... doesn't she look happy to be a mom! :)

Tennis anyone?

I love this outfit - I look like a real strawberry!

Okay, mommy seems to take pictures of every cute outfit she makes me wear....
Here I am making some funny faces so she can have cute pics.

This is my ducky outfit!

Quack, quack?

Are you done yet?

Hahaha ... no teeth yet!

I got all dressed up for my two month picture... look how I am growing!
Every month my mommy sits me on my rocker for pictures.

I got baptized on 4/26/08. I was so good! Didn't cry a bit. Here I am with my godparents Amy and Mike. They are so good to me!

Here I am with my grandparents...Grandad, Lolly, Abu and Abuelo.
I made them very proud.

What's up? This is my first trip to the horse races.
Should I say lucky charm?

My mommy and daddy look very happy.
I was on my way to my first wedding! I had a blast!

Good morning mommy!

I had a playdate with Joe - well my mommy went shopping with his mommy Beth - they call it playdates - see how much fun we had?

Say cheese!

Wow! There is a mobile on my swing! Cool!

Bedtime anyone?

My daddy gave me my first bottle when I was around 7 weeks. It took me several tries - the nipple was too slow and I tried for 30 minutes! Didn't get a drop...but I was good...mommy changed it and I finished it all up.

This is with my outfit that Auntie Beth made for me. Can you read what it says?
Does this diaper make my butt look big?

Here I am wearing the outfit Tia Gloria gave me.

This one is from Tia Ana Maria.

Sleeping with an outfit from Tia Mabi.