Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Pudding Painting"

Victoria's teacher sent me some pictures of the day they did "pudding painting". I would call it more like "pudding eating/pudding everywhere". So glad she took her clothes off for this fun experience! There wasn't any "artwork", which I'm glad as I think we would have ants all over the house!


The artist very into her work

No more pictures of the artist please!

Me? I promise I haven't even tried it!


Monday, March 30, 2009

New weight, new car seat!

So we went to the doctor for a follow-up and Victoria is now 19 lb 13 1/2 oz...2 1/2 oz from the 20 lb needed to ride forward, but who can wait! We did it! (She is too long anyway to ride on her old carseat) She liked it in my car but had issues when going to school with daddy...maybe she doesn't like the one in his car...who knows! Here are some pictures of this big transition! (I think we are much more excited than she is!)

Sad after her shot! (By the way, she now doesn't like the doctors office, I think she remembers her last visit when she got shots. She cried and cried, and cried...which is just the way I was when I was little...do I hear PAYBACK!)

First ride facing forward!

On the way home from school...facing forward again! (Yes, I'm sure we are much more excited than she is!)

An old memory of her riding rear-facing. (We were still in the parking lot so she os not buckled in - sorry I am too picky about car safety, and yes I turned her around before 20#...I'm I contradicting myself?)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mi little girl...you are one

Time has flown by! I can not believe it has been over a year since you arrived, since you made life so much better for your daddy and me! You have become our life, our happiness, our everything!

Thank you for your smiles, which you share ALL THE TIME! Thank you for calling us "mama" and "papi". Thank you for being so sweet and lovable. Thank you for giving meaning to our lives. Thank you for being you!

You are talking so much - papi or puppy (not sure, maybe both!), baby/bebe, mama, dada, ball, up, oh oh, Oko/Ko (which means Okki - your puppy), ma/ma (which is mas is Spanish - for more) and many other things that I will soon learn to understand!

You are such a smiler and a flirt - people better smile at you or you will stare and smile until they do!

You love your daddy - you get so excited when you see him...and he does too when he sees you!

You love books - better than any toy I can ever give you!

You sleep so good - 2 naps (at least at home, at school maybe not all the time!) and 13-14 hours at night (Thank you for that!)

You make me want to be the best mommy in the world! I love you!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Victoria's Ladybug party!

What a better theme for our little lady than a ladybug party! We had a great time and so did she! No tears, lots of friends and more cake!

I went on a black and red/ladybug craze!

With mommy and daddy before it all started!

I'm in heaven! Birthdays rock!

Mommy you are going to be sorry you picked red icing!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Victoria turns 1!!!

I turned one! It was a very special day...Abu and Abuelo came in town for my birthday and so did uncle JP, aunt Liz and my cousins Anthony and Jack! We had such a good time and I git to have cake! If you haven't had it...you should!

Happy Birthday to you...


With mommy and daddy...hurry, I'm still eating!

Month by month

Every month, mommy takes a picture of me on my glidder. It shows how big I get. By the way, the older I get, the harder it gets to get a good picture...I move too much!

12 months!

11 months old

10 month old smile!

9 months old on Thanksgiving day!

8 months old

7 months of smiles!

6 month old girl!

5 months old

4 months old!

3 months old

2 months old

1 month old

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here are the cheerleaders!

So Taylor sent me the pictures (THANK YOU!!!). Once again, don't they look like it was planned? They definitely had lots of fun playing!

Happy girls...

Serious girls...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daddy and Peanut matching

Daddy dresses Victoria on the days I work to take her to school. I leave the outfits ready for him (to help him out a little). I usually pick her up, but today I was running late and daddy did. When I got home, what a surprise...daddy and peanut were wearing pink shirts and jeans...HOW CUTE! He says it wasn't on purpose, that he was already dressed when he dressed her and that he didn't even notice, but I don't believe him, do you?

I think they look adorable.

How many calories are in this you are feeding me?

Don't care... I'm hungry!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The countdown has begun!

I can't believe that our little girl is turning one! (I even got fancy and changed the background:) Where has time gone? I am excited, nervous, anxious, sad...all in one! It is a huge milestone and we are looking forward to much more fun with her! 25 days until her cake-eating day (we hope she eats cake, I know I will!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl

So I didn't really care about the Super Bowl but it was the perfect day to wear a Cowboy's cheerleader outfit (which was not worn all season!). When we got to the party, Teagan (Taylor Made Messages), a fellow friend was wearing the long sleeve version...of course my camera wasn't charged and I didn't get a picture of both of them, but trust me when I say, THEY LOOKED ADORABLE!!! (You better e-mail it Taylor)

What do you mean the Cowboys are not playing?

Tagged by Jeff, Beth and Joe!

This is the day Victoria turned 9 months! We were getting ready for the monthly picture and were looking for the perfect outfit! Not sure who I was on the phone with but this was the 4th picture on the 4th folder! (By the way, look...she has no bow!)

1. Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
2. Select the 4th photo (no exceptions).
3. Post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

I tag...Taylor, Amy, Gigi and Desiree

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Having lots of fun!

Our little girl is growing up, faster than we can imagine! She is full of fun and smiles. She is everywhere and wants everything she is not supposed to have. She loves her food, big girl food! Now that she is 11 months old, she...

1 - Sleeps 13 + hours at night
2 - Says and waves bye, bye (but never when you ask her too!)
3 - Plays peekaboo and says boo! while doing it (my favorite)
4 - Still loves her paci (more than ever)...trying to keep it to bedtime only but hard when she has a cold and it teething big time!
5 - Loves to read books and take them all out of her baskets
6 - Empty any box/container/basket she finds
7 - Wants to pull to a stand ALL THE TIME!
8 - Hates her car seat and at times her stroller too!
9 - Is a daddy's girl...such a smart little one
10 - Will not stay still for diaper changes
11 - Has 2 teeth and one more coming in

With Elli at the park. Enjoying a sunny day in January!

With Okki, who she loves to "pet" (aka - pull hair)

Yep! Getting things out means all the grocery bags out of the kitchen drawer