Monday, March 30, 2009

New weight, new car seat!

So we went to the doctor for a follow-up and Victoria is now 19 lb 13 1/2 oz...2 1/2 oz from the 20 lb needed to ride forward, but who can wait! We did it! (She is too long anyway to ride on her old carseat) She liked it in my car but had issues when going to school with daddy...maybe she doesn't like the one in his car...who knows! Here are some pictures of this big transition! (I think we are much more excited than she is!)

Sad after her shot! (By the way, she now doesn't like the doctors office, I think she remembers her last visit when she got shots. She cried and cried, and cried...which is just the way I was when I was I hear PAYBACK!)

First ride facing forward!

On the way home from school...facing forward again! (Yes, I'm sure we are much more excited than she is!)

An old memory of her riding rear-facing. (We were still in the parking lot so she os not buckled in - sorry I am too picky about car safety, and yes I turned her around before 20#...I'm I contradicting myself?)

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